Who we are
We, provider of healthcare & social walfare services to the society are committed to build and sustain the organisation as a welfare oriented innovative service unit wherein QUALITY is the hallmark of every activity achieved through the team work and involvement of all employees in pursuit of excellence in all our endeavours.

There are certain aims and determinations of ours.

  From the founder
ORDSW is a brain child of Mr. Vishal Jani who is an MBA graduate from England. ORDSW was formed to help the poor people of the undeveloped regions of Gujarat state in India. The members of the charity are highly qualified and have very good experience of the respective fields they come from. Since 2002, we have taken various initiatives and focused on various projects.

We propose to work with government and non-government entities by strengthening systems, capacities and building synergies and partnerships and to work with various levels of the government including district administration, women's federations and youth to ensure greater participation of community leaders, NGOs and local government in the HIV prevention activities.

Public-Private partnership is another important focus of ours. To ensure regular service deliveries, we have been providing various trainings that help in economic upliftment and better livelihood. We have strong determination to bring a positive change in the lives of poor largely following a process by which members of a society can develop themselves and their institutions in such way so that they can enhance their ability to mobilize and arrange resources to produce sustainable life.